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If you, like many, face a tax liability debt that you cannot pay in one lump sum, there are options available. Individuals and small businesses that are unable to pay a tax debt in an immediate lump-sum payment, will be happy to learn that there is an IRS installment agreement or payment plan that may be a viable option. Payment plans allow for the full payment of the tax liability in smaller, more forgiving, monthly payment amounts that could mean the difference between living life as you know it, or if a business owner, allowing you sufficient wiggle-room to keep your business alive.

Chris Cooke is an experienced San Diego business and tax lawyer who is able to negotiate an IRS payment plan for most any individual or small business owner.  An IRS installment plan, similar to an Offer in Compromise,  can help us release an embarrassing and suffocating wage garnishment, or perhaps a tax lien or property seizure that you may be faced with. An IRS Installment Agreement will allow you the flexibility and freedom to get back on your feet financially while paying off the tax debt with affordable and reasonable payments.  Attorney Chris Cooke will always aim for a quick and reduced debt solution for you.  Many folks, with the help of a tax attorney, will come to find out that their tax debt was calculated by the government from assumptions and tables that caused an excessive tax to be calculated. Maybe yours’ is such a case. As always Attorney Cooke will strive to resolve your situation quickly, quietly and resolve it the most inexpensive way possible.

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