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No one I’ve ever met has admitted out loud their desire to undergo a tax audit. Obviously, the first line of defense is to avoid a tax audit altogether, but if you are facing an upcoming audit, it is not so bad when you know that everything is in order and you have a representative with experience and credibility.

A significant portion of the stress associated with any form of tax audit is the unpredictability of the process and difficult to interpret what the auditor thinks they are uncovering.

As your legal representative, Chris Cooke can handle all communications with the taxing agency –State or IRS– on your behalf. When you hire a tax attorney, it becomes your counselor’s job to understand and respond to the questions posed by an auditor in advance. Because we speak the same language as the tax agencies, we are able to unravel and interpret their complex regulations and requests so that you understand and can address the issues. When you have a tax attorney at your side, you’re more able to calmly and effectively get through these uncertain times.

The IRS, in particular, has become more and more aggressive in the number and thoroughness of their tax audits.  If you have been notified by the IRS or a state of California tax agency that your tax return has been selected for review, it is very important that you do not disregard these notices.  Ignoring these notices will likely have serious consequences, including loosing any right to appeal and other legal rights.  Getting professional legal help is important to protect your rights and achieving the best possible result.

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